Statement of Intent for the Plusminus Group.

We are plusminus; a group of North East artists working to develop the North East visual arts scene. We believe Newcastle's arts need an innovative catalyst to create a cultural centre to rival other UK cities. Through members of the group and our contacts we will become linked to cities and artists groups all over the world, we will use these contacts to bring diversity and new interests to benefit the Newcastle scene.

The first action of plusminus is to produce and artist led and curated exhibition, showcasing the work of the core members of plus.minus and some of our contacts in London. We are not interested in creating a one off phenomena, or generating a tourist attraction, we aim for a vital, and valued, respectable event to benefit the arts community. The first of many.


Bryony Hewetson


Exhibitions, Residencies and Events

Oct 2007 OnpaperforFRED FRED Festival of site-specific art in Cumbria
Collaboration with Marcus Whelan and The Whitehaven News

Sept 2007 Bookbinding Workshop Leader Gallery Glue, Newcastle upon Tyne

Jun 2007 Annexing the Annex Northumbria University Fine Art 2007
Group exhibition

Nov 2006 91 Days in Enschede Northumbria University
Solo exhibition – Curated by Marcus Whelan, Graduate Fellow, Northumbria 2007

March–May 2006 Residency at the AKI Academie voor Beeldende Kunst & Vormgeving, Enschede, Netherlands

April 2006 Exposite Kongsi, Enschede Netherlands
Group exhibition
Quarter Time AKI Festival, Enschede Netherlands Sound art performance - produced with Janeck Schaefer

Nov 2005 Art in the Park Exhibition Park Newcastle UK
A group show of outdoor site-specific installations curated by Meera George, visiting lecturer at Northumbria University.

Mar 2005 NeoPoMo Forth Hotel Gallery Newcastle UK
This was a small group of BA(hons) Fine Art students at Northumbria University who jointly organised, curated and presented an exhibition of our own work.

Professional Experience
Current Curatorial Intern 176, London

08/10/05-18/02/08 Gallery Assistant Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

06/10/06- 14/02/07 Curatorial Assistant Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art
curatorial assistance for the residency and exhibition by South-Korean artist Sora Kim, I also gave administration support on the exhibitions by Surasi Kusolwong, and Subodh Gupta, and assisted the archiving and organisation of the documents from all of the Baltic exhibitions since 2005.

Sept 2006-Jun 2007 Exhibition Catalogue Coordinator Northumbria Fine Art Degree Show 2007

Sept ‘04 – Jun ‘07 BA(hons) Fine Art First Class Northumbria University
Sept ‘01 – May '03 ND Fine Art Pass with Merit University of Cumbria

Technical Skills
Experience with both MAC and PC programmes including the Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Quark Express and Adobe Premiere.


"The Fluxus Reader" approx 20x25cm 2006

"mesage 6" dimentions variable, from a series of newspaper articles for FRED festival of site specific Art, Cumbria, 2007

"annexing the annex" installation view 2007


'A Metre Before Impact, He Stopped', Book Launch, Saturday 23rd February, Little Jewel Cinema, Newcastle

This Saturday, 23rd Feb, Ben Jeans-Houghton's Jet season at the Little Jewel Cinema culminates in the launch of both a book, and a film, made in collaboration with Matthew Giraudeau. The book is called, 'A Metre Before Impact, He Stopped', and is avaliable to buy for £10 as part of a edition of 100. The first 30 sold have been hand wrapped by Ben and Matt. The film is called 'Cyclic' and will be showing from the launch, and for two weeks after the launch in the Little Jewel.
The launch will feature a new performance by Cai Nyahoe. The Mobile Cinema, everyones favourite cinema/caravan, will be showcasing the work of other Plusminus members.

See you there!


Matthew Giraudeau

Curriculum Vitae

Matthew Giraudeau


1st Class Honours B.A Fine Art at Northumbria University 2004-2007
Also previously studied: Philosophy, Photography, Art History and English Literature to A Level Standard.

Computer skills

Proficient in the Adobe range of design and editing programs including, Photoshop, In Design and Image Ready. Also a high standard of editing video and audio, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Avid, Sony Soundforge, Sony Acidpro, Ableton Live and basic Cubase and Pro Tools. Also a good working knowledge of html.


February 2008. 'A Metre Before Impact' - A book of writing and drawings, published by Waygood gallery.

November 2007. 'The Silence of Things' – An introductory essay for the catalogue of a season of films by the artist, Ben Jeans-Houghton.

June 2007. ‘Artwat’ - A new critical writing/ephemera magazine for Newcastle and the world. Editor and contributor

2006. ‘Skin Cell’ - an edition of DVD’s produced with the animator Mark Bell, an animation exploring fragmented identity using only a scanner to produce the film and music.


February 2008. 'Jet Season' at Little Jewel Cinema. 'Up/scape' film shown for two weeks.

November 2007. 'Gibbo's Makes a Scene' at Gibbo's Flospace, London. Paintings.

June 2007. ‘It’s Dead; We Killed It.’ at Northumbria University, Newcastle. ‘Beginning, middle, end’ video installation and ‘Conversation piece’ double video installation.

May 2007. ‘Slow Light.’ at Gallery North, Newcastle. ‘17/2 prime numbers, art and pragmatic objectivity’, conversational lecture with projections.

February 2007. ‘Eyes Wide Open’ at the Star and Shadow, Newcastle. ‘Up/scape’ and ‘Unnun’ included in screening.

November 2006. ‘The Projection Gallery’ at the Liverpool Biennial. ‘God’ and ‘Up/scape’ included in group show.

October 2006. Performance platform event. 'Platform00000006' at Waygood gallery, Newcastle. 'Mobile Disco' performance.

October 2006 (launch of project). 'Memory Scapes'. Sound piece, 'Improvise-Formalise-Memory test' included in Edition IV of the Soundlab New Media Festival. Touring exhibition around Europe/Middle East. Also showing at FILE Hipersonica Festival -
a satellite of FILE Electronic Language Festival Sao Paulo/Brazil13 August - 9 September 2007

August 2006 – ongoing. International Short film and animation circuit. Various festivals around Europe and Asia. Animation 'Skin Cell' (see 'publications').

July 2006. International festival of new art. 'Deviant(art)' in the Pumphaus gallery in Trollhattan. Performances and videos.

June 2006. Group Show ‘Fine Line Presents..’ at Newcastle University. Performance.

March 2006. Group Show 'Fine Line 2' at the Forth Hotel, Newcastle. Paintings, photos and prints.

October 2005. Group performance/video Evening. 'The Fine Line Between Good Art and Bad Life' Gallery North, Newcastle. Videos, performances, curation of show.

April 2005. Group Show. 'Neo-Pomo' at the Forth hotel, Newcastle. Sculptures, photos, curation/promotion of show.

What we want is not what we get. What we attempt to do is not what we achieve. There is disparity here. There is a paradox in contemporary art production. Reality is a disparate cavalcade of sense impressions, jabbing us in the eyes with pointy fingers. Making art is about imposing order and a sense of linear progress on the world. Who are we to believe? What clever word should we use to describe our situation? If the Gulf War is a computer game, how do we know that Milton Keynes is real?
We all exist within this gulf between belief and knowledge, its just most of us choose (quite rightly) to ignore it. Some of us don’t. There is no solution to the problem, only ways of becoming at ease with it. Stuck floating between reality and theory is an ugly place called ‘funny’. Matthew Giraudeau sits on a chair that is slightly too small for him, in an ill fitting suit, within that chinless realm. Humour allows us to be both within and without. A cool observer manically laughing at the absurd normality of life. This is a valiant, but ultimately doomed, attempt to place value at the centre of action.


'Played by Gentlemen'. Still from unfinished installation piece. 2008

'Two Friends'. Still from digital video. 2007.

'Up/scape'. Still from digital video. 2007.

Angus Braithwaite

Angus Braithwaite (b. 1984, Penrith, UK) studied Fine Art Foundations at Carlisle College of Art (2002-2003), and completed a BA Fine Art at Newcastle University (2003-2007). The artist lives and works in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

Selected Exhibitions

Jet Season, Little Jewel Cinema, Waygood, Newcastle-
Upon-Tyne, November

Chelsea College of Art, London, September

Gasworks, Vauxhall, London, August

Deviant Art Festival, Konsthallen, Trollhåttan, Sweden, July

Being Human, Hatch Art, Durham, UK, July

Degree Show 07, Hatton Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne, June

Adiea au Tabagisme, Baltic Square, Gateshead, June

Carnivale des Animaux, The Embassy, Edinburgh, April

Spy vs. Spy, at Platform North East, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, March

Caravan, at Platform, Waygood Studios, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, October

Deviant (art), Pumphuset Gallery, Trollhåttan,
Sweden, July

Coals to London, Nolia’s Gallery, London, April

Klub Dada, The Mad George Tavern, London, April


Platform Northeast, Bursary to attend “Liverpool Live”

Platform Northeast, Bursary to attend Fierce, Birmingham


Still from, "All You Care to Eat". Digital Video, 2008

Performance stills, "Birds of Paradise", 2007

Performance view, "Dribble Factory", 2006

Cai Nyahoe




“Towards a semi-autonomous self perpetuating practice (phone sex)” Workplace Satellite, Newcastle, November 2009, Sound/Text installation

“Towards a semi-autonomous self perpetuating practice (phone sex)” CrASH, Camberwell, London, October 2009, Sight specific Installation

“Water-boarding” GSN, Newcastle, May 2009, interactive installation

“Towards a semi-autonomous self perpetuating practice (phone sex)” Shoreditch, London, 2009, franchised performance (A H Braithwaite)

“Explanatory lecture on functional applications of post-structural theory (no show)” Platform 2008,Newcastle, December 2008, Non- performance

Apex gallery, New York, June 2008, Video

Martin Zet, Rome, May 2008, Performance

“Stations of the Cross” Waygood Gallery, Newcastle, February 2008, Performance/Video

“Towards a semi-autonomous self perpetuating practice (phone sex)” Waygood Gallery, Newcastle, November 2007, Performance/Sound piece

“Gibbo makes a scene” Shoreditch, London, November 2007, Paintings

“simulated simulated terrorism”, Newcastle, November 2007, Workshop/Perfomance

“StudioSherpa” (with Ben Jeans Houghton) Waygood studios, Martin Zet Workshop, October 2007

“Adiea au tabagisme” Baltic, Gateshead, June 2007, Performance

“It’s dead. We killed it.” Degree show, Northumbria University, June 2007, ‘Wagner in the toilet’ and ‘Personal Statements’, Performance/Video/Installation

‘Watch this space’, Star and Shadow, Newcastle, ‘Spy vs Spy’, March 2007, Performance

Projection Gallery, Liverpool Biennial, Nov 2006, Video

Platform00000006, Waygood Gallery, Newcastle. ‘A Tribute to Yves Klien’ performance, Oct 2006

International festival of new art. ‘Deviant (art)’ Trollhattan, Sweden. July 2006 Performance/video

‘Club Dada’ George pub, Whitechapel, London, March 2006, Performance

‘Fine Line Presents… ‘, Newcastle University. June 2006, Performance

‘Fine Line 2’, Forth pub, Newcastle. March 2006. Paintings

Sky Burial’, Baltic Square, Gateshead, Dec 2005, Performance

‘Fine Line Presents…’ Gallery North, Northumbria University, Oct 2005, Performance/video

‘Neo Pomo’, Forth pub, Newcastle, April 2005, Paintings/Prints

Paul Mason Sculpture Prize 2007
Watch this space 2007
Platform bursary 2006: Fierce Festival, Birmingham

Hit and Miss 2
Pop magazine
The Met, London (review), Newcastle University Newspaper(review), Platform0000006 catalogue

Computer Skills
Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Avid, Word, DVD pro

Artists/Galleries worked with

105 Warner RD
Ben Jeans Houghton
Martin Zet
Waygood Gallery, Newcastle,
Projection Gallery, Liverpool/London
Gallery Glue, Newcastle
Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle
Club Dada, London
Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh

B.A Hons Fine Art, Northumbria University 2004-2007
Foundation Art and Design, Bradford College 2003-2004